Our team is composed of different nationalities, diversity is our strength. The educational backgrounds and the experience of our members are commendable, they are expert in their own field. We are composed of doctoral candidates, masters degree holders, adjunct faculty, and a skilled geek -- like you and me!

HTMLCOIN encourage technology innovation. We strive to integrate of htmlcoin to everyday use.


Proof of Developer (POD)

HTMLCOIN HTML5 Prof of Developer

Core Team Members

Ian Brown - Virtual Coin Specialist
Leandro Machado - Virtual Coin Specialist
Ian Hervey - Public Relations
Jomar Rodriguez - Social Media
Chris DiSanto - Social Media
Uber Adminer - Payment Systems
Robert Tiger - Press Release
Tyler Dylan - Press Release
Adian Staples - Social Media
Monk Art - Social Media

Independent Community  Developers

CryptoInfo (Canada)
Robert Tiger (USA)
Bitard671 (Russia)
Wargo (Poland)
UnoTigerGold International  & Associates (USA)
Gregorio Alexander (USA)
Chis (USA)
Bryan Geerds (Netherlands)
Paulo Vitor (Brazil)
David Michaelson (Netherlands)
Zac Smith (USA)
Branimir Morfov (Bulgaria)
Khanh Son (Vietnam)
Lo Bi (Greece)

Make a HTML5 division yourself
By Cryptoinfo
  • Unlike other Cryptocurrency where you need a main developer to succeed, you can be your own HTML5 developer with your own division and contribute to HTMLCOIN community. 
  • If you are holding HTML5 on hand, and want to push HTML5 value, create your own group now and name it whatever you like. 
  • My division, for instance, is Cryptoinfo that include myself and a graphic designer, we have been recruiting more members every day to help promo H5 on a lot of forums. 
  • Suggestion for your group is to create a small chat room where you all can discuss further development plan on how to promo H5 or create a website to draw more H5 users (I have already done that :) ). Nothing can be better than seeing your direct contribution to the coin growth, don`t be the many traders out there who wait for the coin value to raise. 
  • By forming your own division, you can now greatly influence the coin value every time you speak up at a much larger scale. Ideal division group is 3-5 ppl.
  • You could also work together and claim more HTML5 bounty by creating Banner, multiple posts on Forum or social media about H5 which could potentially earn you tons of H5 by filling Bounty as a group. Check the bounty list from HTML5 dev on top. 

  • If you want HTML5 coin and its value to growth, become part of the coin development yourself, add to the coins value and promote Growth. This is why HTML5 is different than any other coin out there. 

Our objectives:
  • Improve HTML5 coin awareness and contribute to the H5 community.
  • Recruit more self-hosted developers.
  • New self-hosted developers will recruit and mentor more promoters or developers.
  • Anyone can be a developer, no head developer needed.
  • HTML5 future development and promotion will be funded and hosted by the whole community.
  • We are networked work together and help each other so there is always someone around to help you get started.
  • Or learn more about HTML5 coin through our previous post.