This is the system we are implementing in spreading awareness and protecting the interest of the HTMLCOIN Community.
Simply show the link (for social media) or the figure/number (for voting pool) to redeem your coins.

Below are the tips. Please show the link as proof.
1500 HTML5 for positive social media posting: Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, and other sites.
2500 HTML5 for positive post on Forums and exchange Microblogs or Trollboxes
50000 HTML5 for positive Original Blog Posting
100000 HTML5 giving out 1k html5 and talking about it for a week or so in exchange troll boxes.
100 HTML5 for referring new members in this group.
10000 HTML5 Cool HTML5 Graphics/Video/Pictures (Need 20 to start with Price Per Item)
10000 HTML5 Accepted Here Buttons (Need 10 Different Buttons Price Per Button)
1000000 HMTL5 Fun Website (3-5 websites 1Million Each) 
100000 HTML5 Permanent Nodes 
1000000 HTML5 Mac wallet 
5000000 HTML5 for an exchange listing with 1btc + a day volume
10000000 HTML5 To open a market of html5 on your exchange.
100000 HTML5 simple games/apps   many needed 
1000000 HTML5 advanced games/apps  if you have an idea about an app we can help you integrate HTML5 into your app/game project pay goes with complexity of the projects.
100000 HTML5  faucet each 50 to load 50 for you need about 50 faucets
5000000 HTML5 Bounty by need an html5 faucet that dripps html5 like landofbitcoins drips satoshies. 
1000000 HTML5 Tip bot HTML code for chat rooms like and other sites with chatboxes, we would like to make html5 the tip coin of every chat room.

1000 HTML5 to the following exchange site. Show figure.

contact "" to get the bounty.


CryptoCat Concepts LLC prides itself on being one of the first pioneering online research, marketing and development companies exploring the possibilities and opportunities 
surrounding cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies. We are currently exploring the areas of cryptocurrencies, voting protocol and other forms of decentralized applications. We work with merchants and small business owners in understanding these new crypto-technologies and how to best impliment these technologies to help them grow their business. We also assist crypto-developers with online marketing strategies and reputation management services for their own crypto project(s). We are also contributing to the building of the blockchain by researching and developing our own crypto-projects helping to build the future of tomorrow. 

Cryptocurrency News : Bitcoin, Litecoin, and ALL the other Altcoins with statistics, information and news.

The Multicoin Tipping App is an experimental platform you can use to tip with several Cryptos to almost anyone on Facebook. Ride the tipping wave and have everyone on Facebook know you’re a generous Crypto User! This works by reading a command over the posts and comments submitted in supported groups. - is a great site for great people! crypto news price stats offered.