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While Exchange Sites are delisting Altcoins, HTMLCOIN is Enduring, Expanding our Network!

posted Jul 3, 2014, 9:36 AM by Ian Hervey
HTMLCOIN is very glad and grateful to the exchange sites and the people, traders and speculators, for supporting us in our 4 moths of existance. Your support enable us to grow.

While exchange sites are delisting altcoins, HTMLCOIN is enduring and expanding our network!

In our 4 months of experience, we observed that the coin value is NOT entirely base on the market "exchange value." But rather, altcoin's value rely also to other equality important factors, such as the "community," supporting the coin.

Traders and community members are equality valuable in contributing to the success of the coin. Traders are the one who buy and sell the coin, relying to the market prices as their incentive to continuously support the coin. 

The community members on the other hand are those individuals who have subscribe with the advocacy and philosophy of the coin. Community members  appreciates on the impact or possible contribution of the altcoin to the community and society. This is where advocates derived their pleasure in supporting a noble cryptocurrency. 

The coin is valuable as long as people will use it. HTMLCOIN have this characteristics! "The more HTMLCOIN user, the Better. The more people, the Merrier!" - This is now our new motto.

Our plan is to bring new blood, new users, of HTMLCOIN from the software and programming community, take ownership of HTMLCOIN as their adopted and preferred cryptocurrency of choice. This will help us strengthen our currency.

As we continue to navigate the uncharted world of cryptocurrency, we hope that our fellow cryptocurrency enthusiast will continue to support us and help build a stable cryptocurrency community. THANK YOU!