Updates (November 10, 2014): Cryptsy LTC Market, China Expansion, & Celebration!

  1. We are happy to announce that HTMLCOIN HTML5 is named as the one of the “BEST ALTCOINS AND CRYPTOS TO MINE AND INVEST IN FOR HIGH PROFITS,” see: http://fuk.io/november-2014-report-best-altcoins-and-cryptos-to-mine-and-invest-in-for-high-profits/

  1. Cryptsy added us in the LTC Market, creating more trading volume in our currency. We are hopeful that Cryptsy will continue to add us in BTC and USD market in the future. To be added in these markets (BTC & USD) would mean community expansion, see: https://twitter.com/cryptsy/status/529477792057286657

Displaying HTMLCOIN in LITECOIN cryptsy.png

  1. We are listed in World Coin Index. It onlys shows that we are making significant progress in the altcoin community, see: http://worldcoinindex.com/

  1. We continue our effort in establishing our “China Market Share” by forging alliance to our Chinese friends and counterpart using social media (QQ: group is 1771376738). (image from Christopher DiSanto)


  1. To celebrate our progress as a community, pls watch this videos:

http://goo.gl/YFB5Rg (Charleston)

http://goo.gl/xgJXac (Gangnam)

6. Why you should start buying HTML5 coin at Bleutrade

By KitCoinH

Hi all,

This is my new post at Altcoin forum. To start with, I want to tell you a bit about my experience at BleuTrade, specifically, the HTML5 community at Bleutrade. When I first started on BleuTrade, the first impression was that most of the traders there are talking about and trading other coin with HTML5. That`s make me wonder why people are so much into HTML5. After one week of being on BleuTrade I found out why:


HTML5 is the fifth coin that can be traded commonly on BleuTrade

alongside with all the other coins like BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin

and BleuTrade share. You actually have a button on top to

quickly trade HTML5 with any of the 90+ coins on BleuTrade.


BleuTrade has a large population of senior HTML5 holders online

almost 24/7 to support new users and push the coin`s further

development. When I first started at BleuTrade, I was given 10,000

HTML5 just as a “hello” (sweet right!)


HTML5 has just finish its swap to X15, and the coin difficulty will increase very quickly,

which make the coin much more valuable within the next few months.

Early adopters with large amount of HTM5 will, for sure, be looking at

big ROI.

. BleuTrade also allows you to own BleuTrade shares which

will give the owners dividend payout every 4 hours. Thus, anyone can

participates in BleuTrade development and growth. The more

Bleutrade shares you own the higher payout you will get every 4


. Last but not least, your dividend payout will increase if

there is more people trading and buying BleuTrade share. So, spread the word about BleuTrade and HTML5 and see your money growing everyday.


So far, BleuTrade is one of the most transparent Exchange site that I have ever used.

Start going on to BleuTrade and say hello to the devs through the link here, they will be more than happy to give you some HTML5 for free at BleuTrade.