Update: Building the Chinese Market Share, Highest Volume in XRP Cryptsy Market & More Services.

  1. Paper Wallet Service - The advantage of paper wallets is that they essentially store your coin on a physical piece of paper, removing it from the digital world and safeguarding it in the physical one. This makes them essentially unreachable for spending until they are brought back online, but it is the most secure way to store coin long term (Cointelegraph, 2014) http://goo.gl/4fSu7O

  2. HTMLCOIN Highest Volume in Ripple Cryptsy market, see https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/HTML5_XRP - This show confidence among traders, a good indicator of a strong coin in the market. (November 1, 2014).

Cryptsy volume.png

  1. We got listed at Cryptex https://cryptex.biz/market/112 - Another addition to our trading market!

  2. Our Facebook Group exploded to 1000 plus membership. This organic growth is vital in our community. Members are the bloodline any community, see https://www.facebook.com/groups/htmlcoin/

  3. Solo Mining Instruction - We develop an instructiona material, see http://goo.gl/IkKe9G

  4. Bleutrade.Com - Is the official home of HTMLCOIN!

  5. HTMLCOIN China Campaign - We are building organically our China market share. By embracing big markets like China and attracting new users of digital currency HTML5 Coin will withstand the stiff competition within the cryptocurrency markets. The stakeholders of our community will be handling this effort. Please say hi to our Chinese Team, use Google Translator to communicate, see: goo.gl/uX9NIE

  6. In this coming weeks we will be using MailChamp to manage our increasing membership email communications.

  7. HTMLCOIN was feature in video, showing the most recent development of our community and the team, see: http://goo.gl/jnkO1F

  8. Last November 1, 2014:  HTMLCOIN is up 51.18 % Increase CONGRATS to the team! 

China Campaign.jpg