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posted Apr 29, 2014, 9:35 AM by Ian Hervey
In our 55 days of existence as a community, there is an exponential growth from community membership in forums, wallet download in all over the world, increase numbers of stable miners, and social media followers! As of this writing, these are the top 10 countries that visited and downloaded our wallet, in decreasing order, are from USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, Denmark, Germany, China, France, and Finland.

Currently, are listed in 4 trading exchange sites: Bleutrade, E-Cointrade, Europex, and Swaphole. Also, we are working hard with other trading sites that have plans in listing us, through voting, like Mintpal, Cryptorush, and  Cryptoaltex. At the same time we are constantly communicating with potential trading site and submitting necessary requirements for site listing.

We have 2 mining pools: uberpools and majorminers. Both pool developers contributed resources to our community. Uberpools offered 3 nodes and majorminers offered 1 node and a block explorer.

We are thankful to on our Website developer, pool developer, and other interest groups who improved and added infrastructure needed in running our coin. The developers contributed their resources and work with us voluntarily.

A proposal to put Gravity Wall to adjust the mining difficulty is under testing. The tech team in UK is doing evaluation before implementation. KGW has some issues to other coin and we do not want that affecting us. It may take time to fully implement this project.

The Developing Community

Our community is new and developing. We rely on the contributions and resources from our members. This is very essential in community base organization like us. Membership base organization mostly endures in time.

As far as we are concern we have 6-12 months strategic plans that we are implementing, with the help of our community members as well.

Because we are new, many people are trying to test us, but we are here to stay!

It is necessary for us to reiterate that we support charitable cause and encourage technology innovation, this is our core value.

People always ask “what makes us different from other altcoins?” --the answer is that we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” not just within the enclave of early adopters (Techy people like you and me).

Testing the Waters

We understand that people are trying to test the strength of our community because we are new.

This process of people testing our community is normal in technology innovation. Those who believe and those who do not on the aspiration of our group.

Our community is not just about the currency, but the relationship we build as a group also, developing our own identity.

Things like this will make us all strong and resilient, in the future.

Based on established studies, new technology will come and go, and very "few will stay."   Time will test us all as shakers and movers of cryptocurrency movement that we are all into.

HTMLCOIN Strategic Plan Outline for 6 to 12 Months

Our immediate concern is to build a robust ecosystem that is creating necessary infrastructure for users to use htmlcoin as their preferred unit of exchange. Another equally important concern is how to facilitate awareness to potential users of htmlcoin. Public acceptance is key to spreading new innovation, in this case our htmlcoin. Lastly, we need to create a document that will give us a sense of direction as a community.
To address these priorities, we develop this outline which is organic and fluid in nature that these can be modified, enhance, and revised, in order to respond the present need. Below is the outline of where we are heading:

Building a robust ecosystem:
1.    Wallet download - encourage people to download the wallet.
2.    Coin mining - encourage miners to mine the coin while difficulty is lower and few people are doing it.
3.    Trading exchange sites - request your trading exchange sites to add html to their services.
4.    Exchange sign-up - encourage users to sign-up to trading exchange that we are listed. Trading sites is very important because it will make the coin flowing. We can do this by sending request to all possible trading sites, the more request trading sites received the more they will consider our coin to be listed for trading, they only want active user and community supporters.
5.    Establish Trading sites and Other services – facilitate the creation of market places and support the development of applications that will popularize the use of our currency to mainstream.

Facilitate public awareness:
1.    Tell friends about the coin – tell your family member about our coin.
2.    Giveaways – our community is doing this by giving away free coins. We would like to thank the miners who donated the coin for giveaways.
3.    Social Media – share our updates in Cryptocointalk, facebook, twitter, and other social sites, this will bust people’s awareness of our coin.
1. - encourage people to join
2. - encourage people to join


4.    Write article – if you can write article about our coin and post it in a blog that would be great. You can send the link to “,” we will then optimize it or submit your article as press release.

HTMLCOIN Declaration Articles and Related Provisions:

5.    We need to put together some thoughts about the direction of our community. We will be writing the "HTMLCOIN Declaration Articles and Related Provisions," this will serve as scaffolding or framework for our community. Inputs from the community members are necessary; we will be soliciting your ideas via Google Docs. You can add your ideas by sending it to “” Our core value as a community is "technology integration to the public" and "Charitable Cause" to specific groups, again these ideas are organic in nature and can be change as to respond our need as one community. We have written some idea in the home page, read them so that you have some idea on what direction we are going.

We hope this gave you an overview about the most recent development of our community.

The “cryptocurrency model” is done by consensus.

Without you we cannot exist as a community – Thank you for your Support!