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Building Strong Community

posted Apr 24, 2014, 9:34 AM by Ian Hervey
Growing Community

Our community is new and developing. We rely on the contributions and resources from our members. This is very essential in community base organization like us. Membership base organization mostly endure in time.

Website development, pool mining, and other infrastructure needed in running our coin are purely contribution from volunteers. We do not expect flawless and perfect performance from volunteer members.

As far as we are concern we have 6-12 months strategic plans that we are implementing, with the help of our community members as well.

Because we are new, many people are trying to test us, but we are here to stay!

I, as the public relation officer in this thread, specialize in technology innovation. Based on established studies, new technology will come and go, and very "few will stay."  

Here in HTMLCOIN community, we do not adhere on erratic behaviors, such as changing script and keeping up new script just for the sake of being up-to-date. We have to evaluate if the changes are necessary for the development of our community and robust performance of our coin.

It is necessary for us to reiterate that we support charitable cause and encourage technology innovation, this is our core value.

People always ask “what makes us different from other altcoins?” --the answer is that we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” not just within the enclave of early adopters (Techy people like you and me).

We understand that people are trying to test the strength of our community because we are new.

This process of people testing our community is normal in technology innovation. Those who believe and those who do not, about the aspiration of our group.

Our community is not just about the currency, but the relationship we build as a group, developing our own identity.

Things like this will make us all strong and resilient, in the future.

Time will test us all as shakers and movers of this effort (cryptocurrency) we are all into.