Swapping Guidelines for the Htmlcoin 2017


Who: All Htmlcoin Holders

What: Swapping old htmlcoin to the new htmlcoin.

How:  One to one ratio (1:1) during the specified swap dates. One to two or less ratio (1:2 or <) for late swappers. The further you swap from the scheduled date, the lower the swap ratio you will get.

When: After 75% Percent of all coins in circulation accounted in the exchange sites OR last week of September as the projected swapping time.

Where: Exchange Sites and Web form.

Why: To upgrade coins specifications.


Exchange Sites: Currently, no one can withdraw, this is in preparation for the swap day. All traders can continue to trade and able to deposit.


>>>IF your coins are located on the Exchange Sites, you do nothing. The exchange will do it for you automatically.


>>> IF your coins are located in the wallet/paper wallet, you have to do webform swap

     1.          Make sure your old wallet is synchronized. Skip this process if your wallet is synchronized. If this is your first time to download htmlcoin wallet, this instruction is not for you, see section 5.

                   1.1.          Your wallet must be v1.3.1.2 to synchronize. You can locate this information in your wallet > Help > About Htmlcoin.

                   1.2.          If you don't have the v1.3.1.2, download it here:

                                  1.2.1.          Windows http://seed.htmlcoin.net/HTMLCoin-

                                  1.2.2.          Mac http://seed.htmlcoin.net/Htmlcoin-

                   1.3.          Open the wallet, v1.3.1.2.

                   1.4.          Wait to synchronize your old wallet, then you are ready for the next process.

     2.          Get your new 2017 wallet. This can be from the Exchange Sites or from your local wallet.

                   2.1.          Enter your new wallet address to the webform.

     3.          The form will then show you an address to send your old coins to.

                   3.1.          Send your coins to the address given in 3.

     4.          The webform will then send the swapped coins to your new wallet.


---------------------First Time Download to Synchronize Wallet---------------------

     5.          If this is your first time to download the htmlcoin wallet, v1.3.1.2., wanting to store your coins in your own wallet then follow this process. Note that you still have to swap your coin using webform.

                   5.1.          Download it here:

                                  5.1.1.          Windows http://seed.htmlcoin.net/HTMLCoin-

                                  5.1.2.          Mac http://seed.htmlcoin.net/Htmlcoin-

                   5.2.          The wallet will try to sync but it will take a very long time. To skip the waiting, download the blockchain

                                  5.2.1.          Blockchain http://seed.htmlcoin.net/htmlcoin_blockchain.zip

                                  5.2.2.          Follow the instruction in README file, it reads like this:

                                                Copy contents of this archive to your HTMLCoin data directory found in the following locations. If the folder is not there already then please create it.


                                                Windows XP -

C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\HTML5


                                                Windows Vista/7/8/10 -



                                                Linux -



                                                Mac   ~/Library/Application Support/HTML5/


Nota Bene: Old HTMLCOIN mined during or after the swap date will not be honored.


*These guidelines above may change anytime.


Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XQXNg9_9naRCwrT6qrAdV22BhLPcEbCiveq126kWTqE/edit