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Mining Pools

posted May 8, 2014, 6:22 AM by Ian Hervey

MINING POOL - HTMLCOIN is here to stay!

Mining pools is just one of the many ways to acquire coins. A considerable number of our members do "solo mining." Obviously, if one does only use pool mining, then miner is directly affected.

More than 50% of our miners are solo miners.

The lack of mining pool does not indicate or equate to “no support.” HTMLCOIN community in fact expanded exponentially in these days that in one time, due to mushrooming of solo miners and pool miners, our system got overwhelmed. This is a positive sign to us, it signify that we have a strong support from the cryptocurrency community and to the public.

The development team, both technical and public relations is working on accepting new mining pool developer to respond to the needs of the pool miners.

We understand that people are trying to test the strength of our community because we are new. This process is completely normal, people are scared that we might one day leave and be gone forever, but we are here to stay!

These words of assurance have been repeated several times, and I must repeat it again to make sure that those users outside HTMLCOIN community is well informed.

Also please contact us at "" to be updated or simply go to our home page and fill-up the form located in the top right side of the page.

The “cryptocurrency model” is done by consensus.

Without you we cannot exist as a community – Thank you for your Support!