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Is HTML Coin The Sleeper Coin Of 2014?

posted Aug 23, 2014, 7:04 AM by Ian Hervey
Is HTML Coin The Sleeper Coin Of 2014?


Many new cryptocurrency coins come on the market every month and it seems that just as many of these coins “hit the dust”  after just a short time.

Currently the best place to acquire HTML coin on the cheap is Bleutrade


It wasn’t long after the March 2014 launch of HTML Coin that many in the cryptocurrency trading community declared it “dead” – as in “never going to amount to anything.

It of course had a good rise initially (like many newly issued alt coins do) and then sank back down to almost nothing for several months not garnering much interest for a long time (a long time in the cryptocurrency world to many people is just a month or two).


HTML coin trades on several exchanges – You can find the list at, and was listed on more exchanges than that for a while, but some exchanges dropped it after a couple of months because there wasn’t much interest.

The majority of the trade currently (August 2014) is taking place at Bleutrade (check the Dogecoin and LTC tabs) and for most of its short life the cheapest way to obtain this coin was to purchase it with Dogecoin, but the price is rising and it is currently being traded for LTC as well.

You won’t find much action in the BTC/HTML market because you can still get it cheaper than 1 Satoshi!

That’s one of the things that traders like about the Bleutrade Exchange – there are a seemingly infinite amount of trading pairs available – and for much of the time one could acquire 1 Billion HTML for less than 100 Thousand Dogecoin – but not anymore.


Now in late August 2014 there has been renewed interest.  A lot of renewed interest in fact.  Take a look at this chart.

HTML coin price chart(you can click on the image above to be taken to the current HTML chart at Bleutrade – Dogecoin market)


There is a community of followers that really believe in this coin.  Check out the HTML Coin Facebook Group – and all of the commentary over on

While this coin has had its share of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) just like every other cryptocurrency out there, it seems to be gaining traction and a strong sense that there is something different about this coin.

Besides… for just a few dollars, (or Dogecoins) you can still buy thousands of HTML coins and let it ride.  Who knows what may come of it.  I’m heading over to Bleutrade to buy some HTML Coin right now.