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HTMLCOIN: Victorious and Triumphant!

posted Dec 31, 2014, 11:00 AM by Ian Hervey


By Kit Huynh & Ian Hervey, BA, MSED, MA, ABD.

Poster by WhyWeTrance

What is HTML5 coin and why people should care about it? This is the questions that you have probably heard a lot about on exchange sites, forums and social medias. HTML5 coin, or H5 for short, is an online currency which inherited the same payment encryption technology from Bitcoin. HTML5 coin uses 15 rounds of scientific hashing algorithm or X15 algo for short which allow users to mine the coin using CPU or GPU.

Evolution of algorithm  - One of the reason why HTMLCOIN endure in these days is our ability to reinvent our coin and our community. Our algorithm evolve from the common unsecure system to X15. The drastic change of algorithm enable us to focus in expanding robust community all over the world and in building necessary resources for media use. That changes brought relief from the never-ending problem of coding issues.

Expanding Community - After 9 months, we flourish and bloom as a community. Our diversity made us robust & stronger. We became a global network now, compose of various nationalities, race, and personalities. Though differences exist due to diversity, our various background enable us to see different solutions in any challenges imaginable as a community. We evolve into a multiple developer community, this new strategy is contributing to our success.

Multi-developer model - HTML5 community is now a multiple developer project which allow several individual developers to contribute to the coin growth.  The multi-developer model enable the community to explore possibilities, collaborate, and share resources. Each independent developers are doing on what they are good at leading to more initiatives in spreading awareness. The multi-dev approach system will help HTML5 grow much faster and help make it a friendly development environment. The multi-developer system objectives are: to recruit new individual developer to join the community; to host communication hub for community developers to share idea and resources;  and to promote new ideas or projects through HTML5 promoters.

No man is an island - The conventional way of developing a new cryptocurrency project is that one or two developers working on recruiting, coding and promoting a coin 24/7. Most of these one man cryptocurrency projects tend to fail halfway through their project either because they run out of budget or they run out of idea to attract more users. Thus, HTML5 coin community came up with an multiple developers approach that allow more individual developers to share a common purpose, expanding HTML5 coin community . The approach is more budget friendly as individual developers are funding and developing their own projects. Cost for funding each project is much lower as well since resources in the community is shared openly with zero charge. Multi-dev system also allow more new ideas to be generated while attracting more community members through those new ideas.  For instance, Cryptoinfo has been funding a lot of HTML5 give away in the past 3 months using their own website`s budget. Although the give away cost a few million HTML5 in the beginning but the site has attracted a lot of new traffic which help increase its ads revenue. Cryptoinfo has also became a community hub for HTML5 promoters to share ideas and recruit new developers. Most of Cryptoinfo site`s graphic are design by WhyWeTrance, a HTML5 coin individual graphic developer. The best part is that the graphic works are freely available from WhyWeTrance at no extra cost because he is also working toward expanding HTML5 community.

Another benefit from multi-dev approach is that HTML5 projects can now be operated at economies of scales. In other words, individual devs focus only on what they do best and complete the work much more efficiently. Private projects between individual devs can also be pair up through community hub and support each other throughout the development. Promotional works for HTML5 projects are made simple since there are a lot of individual devs that focus on promoting HTML5 through blogs and social media.  

Local Community Approach

HTML5 community does not limit to English speaking community but now expand to multi-lingual community from around the globe. Local community member from Indonesia, Thailand and South Africa have created their own HTML5 community hub where H5 traders discuss about HTML5 coin in their prefer languages. Most of these community hubs are on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkdedin. HTML5 Indonesian group has been the most standout community hub with 100 plus community members joined in 1 month. Indonesian Facebook group has attracted a lot of local traders who are now trading HTML5 as their main daily trading coin. Several HTML5 articles have also released in Indonesian educating new traders about HTML5 and recruit new H5 users.

Volume and price spike

As new year is approaching, HTML5 markets have received some significant increase both in volume and price. The large amount of newly joined HTML5 traders and several new projects under development have been the main reasons for the price and volume increase. HTML5-LTC market on Cryptsy and Bleutrade have received the most volume with H5 peak price at 66 latoshi, a 50% price jump in less than 2 weeks. HTML5 peak volume of the week has been at 10 BTC 24 hours trading volume. The volume increase also come in bulk purchase which mean major investors are entering the market and are willing to purchase HTML5 at any price range that is below 100 latoshi. With the current rate of volume increase, we will soon see BTC-HTML5 market go live at 1 satoshi which has been active for 3 months but receive very little volume. Entering BTC-HTML5 market will open up even more trading grounds and development opportunity for HTML5 in 2015.

Many good stuff coming this 2015 like application development (coin utility), website enhancement (image building), and social initiatives (community involvement).

Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year to all!