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HTMLCOIN Thankful for the Warm Welcome! (March 14, 2014, 11:48:23 PM)

posted Mar 26, 2014, 4:15 PM by Ian Hervey
HTMLCOIN Thankful for the Warm Welcome!

The htmlcoin is thankful for the warm welcome coming from fellow cryptocurrecy enthusiast, especially the miners and the forum leaders. Four days ago we posted our declaration to make htmlcoin publicly available at Bitcoin Talk, within minutes we got miners!

Strong support from fellow altcoin community.
The support is overwhelming to us, a fellow bitcoin blogger told us “...I must admit your first post was very bland and didn't provide all of the information you would typically see, but at the same time everything works so far, which is often not the case. Its like you've created the exact opposite of most crapcoins that have a fancy logo and branding, but bugs in the wallet etc….” In most cases, as all of you know that altcoin popularity pick-up in a few months after launching and some even took a year before people start mining them, but this is not the cause to htmlcoin.

The top countries for wallet downloads are: USA, China, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Vietnam, and Bulgaria. We are negotiating with some trading exchange services to facilitate “buy and sell” of the coin, we will announce in the moment it’s available.

A big difference from Other Altcoins
   People always ask “what makes us different from other altcoins?” --the answer is that we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” not just within the enclave of early adopters (Techy people like you and me). Mainstream would mean to the public, common people you meet on the street. In the coming months we will be releasing android apps to make htmlcoin mobile. This will ease the burden among users by taking htmlcoin with them, in the pocket, anytime-anywhere! We want our coin ubiquitous, with almost omnipresent characteristics like fiat physical coin.
Making htmlcoin mobile will solve the problem of time and space. User’s don’t have to open bulky laptop, or even worst, desk computer to make transaction. Easing the burden would positively affect the acceptance among mainstream users; this is the very core of the HTMLCOIN Community - cryptocurrency integration to the public.

Supporting Altcoin diversity
HTMLCOIN Community believed that the increase in number of altcoins in the market would mean acceptance by the people, to use alternative way of doing business, not the “death of cryptocurrency” movement. This is a new innovation that the people invented for the common good.
People like freedom and the democratization of money, through cryptocurrecy use would give power back to the people who build the economy itself.  This means that altcurrency is not going anywhere and it is here to stay for good.