HTMLCOIN is swapping this 2017 with a new feature that includes the many applications of "Smart Contracts" and  the security provided by "Real-Time Checkpointing." 

All coins in the three (3) exchange sites are safe and will be swap to a stronger version, with all the latest features of the leading cryptocurrency in the market. This huge step that we are undertaking will make our coin relevant and responsive to the demand of the "Internet of Things."

Current owners of HTMLCOIN will now be able to swap to at ratios between 1:1. Late swapper will be at the ratio of 1:2 or less, depending on the time. The further you swap from the scheduled date, the lower the swap ratio will be. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges Bleutrade, YoBit, and CoinGather are currently preparing to facilitate the swaps.

Let us know if you have features/specifications that the new HTMLCOIN should have, contact us:

More details of the swap will be posted, stay tuned here!