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HTMLCOIN and Adrian Staples

posted Aug 15, 2014, 5:28 PM by Ian Hervey
I'm still considered quite the novice in the crypto world. But I would like to thank you for your warm welcome. I have been learning quite a bit over the past few months. Meeting new people who are amazing and taking another look at how I view the economy. So far there have been very few that are discouraging and that surprises me coming from a retail background where the majority of people were not so nice.

Huge things on the horizon for HTML coin include continued growth and the launching of a new partnership. A smart plan to increase the profitability of both, the best way (in my opinion) to get a product loved is to teach someone how to use it. Not only does this increase exposure it will also drive revenue. Get out there and spend. For the love of the coin buy something and share it with the world.