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Get Started With HTMLCOIN

posted Dec 15, 2014, 8:30 AM by Ian Hervey
By Kit Huynh

      If you want to start using Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as the new payment method, I recommend to get started with HTML5 Coin as it is easy to get more at the lowest price at the moment. If you still do not know what HTML5 coin is check out my old post here before you move on. I make this post as a walk through for users who need help with getting their hands on HTML5 coin within a few minutes. There are several way you can earn HTML5 coin such as getting free coin from Seniors members on Bleutrade(listed below), or earn it your own following the guide below.  
1. Install a wallet:
        If you do not have a wallet yet, click here to go to the front page and download a wallet for your PC or Linux.
Mobile wallet is coming in a few days (counting down!!!).
2. Trading:
Trading on exchange sites is the fastest way you can earn HTML5 coins because you can trade any coin to HTML5 coins on Bleutrade, Cryptsy, Comkort, C-Cex , BTC-Market, Cold Cryptos, Cryptex.
. Or you could also buy HTML5 coin straight with your USD through PAYEER on Bleutrade.
3. Mining:
Mining is another option that you can earn some HTML5 coins.
With the current difficulty mining with CPU and GPU is very easy.
Mining with your CPU will give you roughly 150-240 HTML5/ hour if your CPU can produce 50-100kh/s. Follow my instruction here about mining with CPU .
Mining with your GPU will give you roughly 900-1400 HTML5/hour if your GPU can produce 300-400kh/s. Follow this instruction here to mine with your GPU.
4. Cloud mining:
To be clear, there is no cloud mining on X11 or X15 algorithm just yet, X11 will be coming out soon from Genesis Mining, and X15 on Cryptsy.
I listed Cloud mining because you can cloud mine Doge, Litecoin or whatever coin you like to trade for HTML5. At least, this is what I`m doing because I don`t have good mining Hardwares.
I mine with my 1Mhs Genesis Mining contract at 17.99 for average of 280 Doge and trade for HTML5 coins. Depending on HTML5 price, you could get 28,000-35000 HTML5 per day.
I stick with Cloud mining because I seem to mine more Altcoin and trade more HTML5 with it. Follow the link on my site on Cloud mining guide.
5. Join Bleutrade:
Joining Bleutrade community is also a good beginning since most HTML5 holders are there.
Free HTML5 give away happen almost everyday for several reasons.
Free 1000-5000 HTML5 by some senior holders are quite common, the purpose is to encourage more people to join HTML5.
Follow the link to BleuTrade and start receiving your free HTML5 coins.
6. HTMLcoin bounty:
Follow this link to visit HTML5 coin bounty. 
You can get up to 10000000 HTML5 for following the bounty.
The easiest one is to post a nice comment on your social media for 1500 HTML5.
Or create a post about HTML5 on social media and receive 1000 H5 every time some “like” or “retweet”. Let say you have 10 friends retweeted, you will receive 10,000 HTML5.
Contact me through Twitter to fill the bounty, on simply leave a comment on this post. 
7. Faucet:
There are 2 faucets at the moment under HTMLCOIN link.
One payout every hour and 1 payout every 24 hours.
Faucet links:
8. Web Service:
If you have an e-commerce store or would like to make one that accept HTML5 coin or Bitcoin payment, check out my service here.
9. Community:
Our self-hosted development team are growing exponentially, and are currently looking for more traders to join.
Contact me through this site or at if you are interested in contributing to the Community.
Our top skill needed is a logo designer.
Or if you think you can suit any of the task on our Bounty List (on top), still contact me to sign up.
10. Make a HTML5 division yourself:
Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, HTML5 does not need a head developer. If you are holding HTML5 on hand, and want to push HTML5 value, create your own group now and name it whatever you like. My division, for instance, is Cryptoinfo that include myself and a graphic designer, we have been recruiting more members everyday to help promo H5 on a lot of forums. 
Suggestion for your group is to create a small chat room where you all can discuss further development plan on how to promo H5 or create a website to draw more H5 users (we have already done that   ). Nothing can be better than seeing your direct contribution on the coin growth, don`t be the many traders out there who wait for the coin value to raise. 
By forming your own division, you can now greatly influence the coin value every time you speak up at a much larger scale. Ideal division group is 3-5 ppl. You could also work together and claim more HTML5 bounties by creating Banner, multiple posts on Forum or social media about H5 which could potentially earn you tons of H5 by filling Bounties as a group. Check the bounty list from HTML5 dev on top. 
If you want HTML5 coin and its value to grow , become part of the coin development yourself,add to the coins value and promote growth. This is why HTML5 is different than any other coin out there.