Frequently Asked Questions & Guidelines for the Htmlcoin Swapping 2017


Who: All Htmlcoin Holders

What: Swapping old htmlcoin to the new htmlcoin.

How:  One to one ratio (1:1) during the specified swap dates. One to two or less ratio (1:2 or <) for late swappers. The further you swap from the scheduled date, the lower the swap ratio you will get.

When: After 75% Percent of all coins in circulation accounted in the exchange sites

Where: Exchange Sites and Manual.

Why: To upgrade coins specifications.


Exchange Sites: Currently, no one can withdraw, this is in preparation for the swap day. All traders can continue to trade and able to deposit.


>>>IF your coins are located on the Exchange Sites, you do nothing. The exchange will do it for you automatically.


>>> IF your coins are located in the wallet, you have to show proof:

  1. On the right side must show the latest transaction.

    1. Send am htmlcoin to any address to do this, we suggest sending one (1) htmlcoin or less.

  2. Take a picture with your finger in the photo pointing the amount.

    1. A screenshot is not acceptable.

  3. We may ask additional information, such as your wallet address, to see in the explorer the exact amount, as shown in the picture.

  4. You will be asked to email it to the specified email address, wait for more updates.


>>> IF your coins are located in the paper wallet, you must show the address.


Nota Bene: Old HTMLCOIN mined during or after the swap date will not be honored.


*These guidelines above may change anytime.