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DOGE Exchange, Wallet Generator, CryptoSpects, Block Explorer, & Cryptsy.

posted May 23, 2014, 7:11 AM by Ian Hervey
Dear Fellow HTMLCOIN Members,

Good Day!

RE: DOGE Exchange, Wallet Generator, Cryptospects, Block Explorer, & Cryptsy.

Its been a productive week :)

Our team members are proud to report the latest updates in the following:

DOGE Trading - In the 2 and 1/2 months of our existence as a group, we are now highly traded in in Bleutrade ( and Coinswap ( 

This is a sign of growth and we hope to sustain this momentum until we reach our goal of being traded with relatively stronger coins such as Litecoin and Bitcoin. 

We all know that there is a global reduction of bitcoin trading lately, this trend affected all of us because BTC is the referred cryptocurrency of exchange world wide.

Building a Robust Ecosystem -  as part of our strategic plan, we manage to establish partnership with the following groups, in delivering more services to our users:

Wallet Generator - Sponsored by - Created wallet generator, another way of storing your coin.

Block Explorer - - Sponsored by - Created block explorer, helpful in transaction verification.

Crypto Specs - Sponsored by CryptoSpecs - Created mobile app, provide useful live data. - Sponsored by - Wrote article for us, spread the word about our community.

We are thankful & grateful to their time and resources shared to our community. In return we give them endorsement and help them build their community, as well. In concurrency, we are a one big family, we cannot exist without the support of our fellow advocates.

If you have other suggestion in enhancing our services, please email us. Your suggestions are our priority.

Lastly, Cryptocat Marketing - posted us a request in cryptsy, see: .
Please post messages asking Cryptsy to add us in the voting pool, the more the better, showing the strength of our community.

We are moving forward everyday, and this is only possible because of your support & belief in our advocacy!