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Community suggestions and recommendation:

posted Aug 23, 2014, 2:03 PM by Ian Hervey
Community suggestions and recommendation:

These are recommendations and suggestions from the community. Please include some issues not mention here. We will draft our project implementation base on these suggestions.

We will address the “doable” immediate, intermediate, and long-term needs, base on our available resources. will assist HTMLCOIN in project implementation.

We will refine these suggestions after you made your comments.

See below:

New Algorithm ( Scrypt, X11, and Blake 256) 
Built-in Nodes
Increase block time in 1 minutes, retarget every block (20% in frontend and 40% in backend OR use digi shield).
In need faster desktop wallet synchronization.
Stable Github repository.
Wallet can mine.
Wallet should not resource hungry
Android Wallet.
IOS Wallet
Block explorer.
Resource page for help
Technical people to support new members
More Merchants participating
More Point of sale applications (We got COINTOPAY)
Stable Mining pool
Promotion HTML using HTMLCOIN paper wallet
Marketing in various platform (media and more)