Starting to enhance our website

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UPDATE: We are now officially starting to enhance our website. Target of completion is 2 to 4 weeks. The objective is to simplify existing information architecture, to enhance the look & feel of our website, and to strengthen community building efforts. Your feedback is needed while we are building our website. Send your suggestions to ""

HTMLCOIN: Victorious and Triumphant!

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By Kit Huynh & Ian Hervey, BA, MSED, MA, ABD.

Poster by WhyWeTrance

What is HTML5 coin and why people should care about it? This is the questions that you have probably heard a lot about on exchange sites, forums and social medias. HTML5 coin, or H5 for short, is an online currency which inherited the same payment encryption technology from Bitcoin. HTML5 coin uses 15 rounds of scientific hashing algorithm or X15 algo for short which allow users to mine the coin using CPU or GPU.

Evolution of algorithm  - One of the reason why HTMLCOIN endure in these days is our ability to reinvent our coin and our community. Our algorithm evolve from the common unsecure system to X15. The drastic change of algorithm enable us to focus in expanding robust community all over the world and in building necessary resources for media use. That changes brought relief from the never-ending problem of coding issues.

Expanding Community - After 9 months, we flourish and bloom as a community. Our diversity made us robust & stronger. We became a global network now, compose of various nationalities, race, and personalities. Though differences exist due to diversity, our various background enable us to see different solutions in any challenges imaginable as a community. We evolve into a multiple developer community, this new strategy is contributing to our success.

Multi-developer model - HTML5 community is now a multiple developer project which allow several individual developers to contribute to the coin growth.  The multi-developer model enable the community to explore possibilities, collaborate, and share resources. Each independent developers are doing on what they are good at leading to more initiatives in spreading awareness. The multi-dev approach system will help HTML5 grow much faster and help make it a friendly development environment. The multi-developer system objectives are: to recruit new individual developer to join the community; to host communication hub for community developers to share idea and resources;  and to promote new ideas or projects through HTML5 promoters.

No man is an island - The conventional way of developing a new cryptocurrency project is that one or two developers working on recruiting, coding and promoting a coin 24/7. Most of these one man cryptocurrency projects tend to fail halfway through their project either because they run out of budget or they run out of idea to attract more users. Thus, HTML5 coin community came up with an multiple developers approach that allow more individual developers to share a common purpose, expanding HTML5 coin community . The approach is more budget friendly as individual developers are funding and developing their own projects. Cost for funding each project is much lower as well since resources in the community is shared openly with zero charge. Multi-dev system also allow more new ideas to be generated while attracting more community members through those new ideas.  For instance, Cryptoinfo has been funding a lot of HTML5 give away in the past 3 months using their own website`s budget. Although the give away cost a few million HTML5 in the beginning but the site has attracted a lot of new traffic which help increase its ads revenue. Cryptoinfo has also became a community hub for HTML5 promoters to share ideas and recruit new developers. Most of Cryptoinfo site`s graphic are design by WhyWeTrance, a HTML5 coin individual graphic developer. The best part is that the graphic works are freely available from WhyWeTrance at no extra cost because he is also working toward expanding HTML5 community.

Another benefit from multi-dev approach is that HTML5 projects can now be operated at economies of scales. In other words, individual devs focus only on what they do best and complete the work much more efficiently. Private projects between individual devs can also be pair up through community hub and support each other throughout the development. Promotional works for HTML5 projects are made simple since there are a lot of individual devs that focus on promoting HTML5 through blogs and social media.  

Local Community Approach

HTML5 community does not limit to English speaking community but now expand to multi-lingual community from around the globe. Local community member from Indonesia, Thailand and South Africa have created their own HTML5 community hub where H5 traders discuss about HTML5 coin in their prefer languages. Most of these community hubs are on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkdedin. HTML5 Indonesian group has been the most standout community hub with 100 plus community members joined in 1 month. Indonesian Facebook group has attracted a lot of local traders who are now trading HTML5 as their main daily trading coin. Several HTML5 articles have also released in Indonesian educating new traders about HTML5 and recruit new H5 users.

Volume and price spike

As new year is approaching, HTML5 markets have received some significant increase both in volume and price. The large amount of newly joined HTML5 traders and several new projects under development have been the main reasons for the price and volume increase. HTML5-LTC market on Cryptsy and Bleutrade have received the most volume with H5 peak price at 66 latoshi, a 50% price jump in less than 2 weeks. HTML5 peak volume of the week has been at 10 BTC 24 hours trading volume. The volume increase also come in bulk purchase which mean major investors are entering the market and are willing to purchase HTML5 at any price range that is below 100 latoshi. With the current rate of volume increase, we will soon see BTC-HTML5 market go live at 1 satoshi which has been active for 3 months but receive very little volume. Entering BTC-HTML5 market will open up even more trading grounds and development opportunity for HTML5 in 2015.

Many good stuff coming this 2015 like application development (coin utility), website enhancement (image building), and social initiatives (community involvement).

Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year to all!

A Victorious and Triumphant Christmas!

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Expanding Community - After 9 months, we flourish and bloom as a community. Our diversity made us robust & stronger. We became a global network now, compose of various nationalities, race, and personalities. Though differences exist due to diversity, our various background enable us to see different solutions in any challenges imaginable, as a community.
We evolve into a multi developer community, this new strategy is contributing to our success. The multi-developer model enable the community to explore possibilities, collaborate, and share resources. Each independent developers are doing on what they are good at leading to more initiatives in spreading awareness.
Many good stuff coming this 2015 like application development (coin utility), website enhancement (image building), and social initiatives (community involvement). 

Merry Christmas to all!

Ian Hervey, BS, MSED, MA, ABD.

Get Started With HTMLCOIN

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By Kit Huynh

      If you want to start using Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as the new payment method, I recommend to get started with HTML5 Coin as it is easy to get more at the lowest price at the moment. If you still do not know what HTML5 coin is check out my old post here before you move on. I make this post as a walk through for users who need help with getting their hands on HTML5 coin within a few minutes. There are several way you can earn HTML5 coin such as getting free coin from Seniors members on Bleutrade(listed below), or earn it your own following the guide below.  
1. Install a wallet:
        If you do not have a wallet yet, click here to go to the front page and download a wallet for your PC or Linux.
Mobile wallet is coming in a few days (counting down!!!).
2. Trading:
Trading on exchange sites is the fastest way you can earn HTML5 coins because you can trade any coin to HTML5 coins on Bleutrade, Cryptsy, Comkort, C-Cex , BTC-Market, Cold Cryptos, Cryptex.
. Or you could also buy HTML5 coin straight with your USD through PAYEER on Bleutrade.
3. Mining:
Mining is another option that you can earn some HTML5 coins.
With the current difficulty mining with CPU and GPU is very easy.
Mining with your CPU will give you roughly 150-240 HTML5/ hour if your CPU can produce 50-100kh/s. Follow my instruction here about mining with CPU .
Mining with your GPU will give you roughly 900-1400 HTML5/hour if your GPU can produce 300-400kh/s. Follow this instruction here to mine with your GPU.
4. Cloud mining:
To be clear, there is no cloud mining on X11 or X15 algorithm just yet, X11 will be coming out soon from Genesis Mining, and X15 on Cryptsy.
I listed Cloud mining because you can cloud mine Doge, Litecoin or whatever coin you like to trade for HTML5. At least, this is what I`m doing because I don`t have good mining Hardwares.
I mine with my 1Mhs Genesis Mining contract at 17.99 for average of 280 Doge and trade for HTML5 coins. Depending on HTML5 price, you could get 28,000-35000 HTML5 per day.
I stick with Cloud mining because I seem to mine more Altcoin and trade more HTML5 with it. Follow the link on my site on Cloud mining guide.
5. Join Bleutrade:
Joining Bleutrade community is also a good beginning since most HTML5 holders are there.
Free HTML5 give away happen almost everyday for several reasons.
Free 1000-5000 HTML5 by some senior holders are quite common, the purpose is to encourage more people to join HTML5.
Follow the link to BleuTrade and start receiving your free HTML5 coins.
6. HTMLcoin bounty:
Follow this link to visit HTML5 coin bounty. 
You can get up to 10000000 HTML5 for following the bounty.
The easiest one is to post a nice comment on your social media for 1500 HTML5.
Or create a post about HTML5 on social media and receive 1000 H5 every time some “like” or “retweet”. Let say you have 10 friends retweeted, you will receive 10,000 HTML5.
Contact me through Twitter to fill the bounty, on simply leave a comment on this post. 
7. Faucet:
There are 2 faucets at the moment under HTMLCOIN link.
One payout every hour and 1 payout every 24 hours.
Faucet links:
8. Web Service:
If you have an e-commerce store or would like to make one that accept HTML5 coin or Bitcoin payment, check out my service here.
9. Community:
Our self-hosted development team are growing exponentially, and are currently looking for more traders to join.
Contact me through this site or at if you are interested in contributing to the Community.
Our top skill needed is a logo designer.
Or if you think you can suit any of the task on our Bounty List (on top), still contact me to sign up.
10. Make a HTML5 division yourself:
Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, HTML5 does not need a head developer. If you are holding HTML5 on hand, and want to push HTML5 value, create your own group now and name it whatever you like. My division, for instance, is Cryptoinfo that include myself and a graphic designer, we have been recruiting more members everyday to help promo H5 on a lot of forums. 
Suggestion for your group is to create a small chat room where you all can discuss further development plan on how to promo H5 or create a website to draw more H5 users (we have already done that   ). Nothing can be better than seeing your direct contribution on the coin growth, don`t be the many traders out there who wait for the coin value to raise. 
By forming your own division, you can now greatly influence the coin value every time you speak up at a much larger scale. Ideal division group is 3-5 ppl. You could also work together and claim more HTML5 bounties by creating Banner, multiple posts on Forum or social media about H5 which could potentially earn you tons of H5 by filling Bounties as a group. Check the bounty list from HTML5 dev on top. 
If you want HTML5 coin and its value to grow , become part of the coin development yourself,add to the coins value and promote growth. This is why HTML5 is different than any other coin out there. 

HTMLCOIN is now a Multi-Developer Community

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We are expanding exponentially with the multi-developer model.

HTMLCOIN a Base Currency, Partnership with Media, and Breaking Grounds

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HTMLCOIN a Base Currency, Partnership with Media, and Breaking Grounds

  1. Partnership with Media Agencies and YouTub Celebrities for community building

    1. - Please subscribe, they are helping us reach more users via syndication.

  2. Base Currency - We are happy to have 4 exchanges for full market exchange (Bleutrade, C-Cex, Vaultex and Cryptopia). We have 9 exchanges in total, and another 10 more exchanges listing us. SOme of which will be using htmlcoin as base currency.

    1. - Aims to provide a stable platform and a place of trust, in which users have more options than just the normal trading sites they visit now.

    2. - Every service provided by Cryptopia is fully integrated, you can mine directly to the exchange, or buy something from the marketplace or auction house with your trade earnings; all funds will be fully integrated and immediately accessible via all current and future Cryptopia services.


By Robert Tigers [CryptoCat]

HTMLCOIN [HTML5] has since it's inception faced challenges and struggles early on in the markets, right from the beginning massive BTC sell walls were put up and have never budged which seems to indicate that there are those in the BTC community that do fear the grassroots organic nature of HTMLCOIN [HTML5]...

Hence the reason why HTMLCOIN [HTML5] did the only thing it could and created healthy, strong relationships with other markets in particular LTC and DOGE that are not as stingy as the BTC market and they are seeing record breaking increases in trade… .

HTMLCOIN [HTML5] has also addressed some of it's early weaknesses and vulnerabilities and now is a very secure, reliable and flexible cryptocurrency with lightning fast transactions since upgrading it's algorithm to X15 IMPROVE... .

HTMLCOIN [HTML5] is one of the most enduring, hardest working cryptocoins on the market today and hat's off to the community for sticking it out and making things happen...  

As far as the BTC community is concerned it needs to loosen up a bit and stop trying to control the markets to it's benefit, it is monopolistic behavior to say the least and if it continues to show favoritism in the markets maybe altcoins should be looking for more user friendly base currencies to trade with...

Everyone is talking about HTMLCOIN [HTML5] and taking notice since switching up its algorithm to an ASIC resistant [X15 IMPROVE] 15 ROUNDS OF SCIENTIFIC HASHING (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo, hamsi, fugue, shabal, whirlpool)...

HTMLCOIN [HTML5] is based on a stable system, designed to withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community. The new algorithm is based on X15 POW + POS (After 5 years HTML5 will be POS)...

This new algorithm is design to be adoptable for future applications. HTML5 has a stable & fast system, with robust security capabilities...

HTML5 has also achieved the status of becoming a base cryptocurrency…

1) HTML5 is now one of the base currencies of Bleutrade.Com. Meaning they are one among the main currencies being traded everyday (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, HTMLCOIN & US Dollar). A significant achievement!!

2) Another equally important development is that Cointopay is enabling everyone to implement application that accept htmlcoin. Games, Goods, Services and websites, you name it!

HTML5 has also become a trailblazer and a leader in cryptocoin transparency...

The HTMLCOIN Core Team is happy to have introduced its Ledger of Expenses to show the community how they appropriated the “extra” HTMLCOIN coins left over from the transition to HTML5. The HTML5 community has succeeded in expanding over the past 6 months because they made sure that vital needs were met and necessary expenses were covered so that proper infrastructures could be implemented...

HTML5 Marketing Plan and Social Media Campaign 2014-2015

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HTML5 Marketing Plan and Social Media Campaign 2014-2015
By Kit Huynh

    Canada, HTML5 coin is an online currency which inherited the same payment encryption technology from Bitcoin. HTML5 is designed to deliver faster transaction and eliminated the needs for miners to generate transactions which are the main challenge that Bitcoin is facing. Community is the primary and the only focus that HTML5 development will focus on. HTML5 coin is still fairly new in the Cryptocurrency world. Thus, this marketing plan will focus more on how the community can expand HTML5 coin`s awareness. In order to understand how we can improve the coin awareness we will go through the following topic on this paper: Target Segment, Solution, Implementation Plan and evaluation.

    HTML5 has a strong development team and is backed by BleuTrade exchange, a popular Cryptocurrency trading platform. HTML5 coin also has digital wallets on Window, Linux and Android, the three most popular computer and mobile platforms. The team also has a great number of developers both from core development team and individual community development team. Core development team consist of web designers, computer scientists and promoters that are working directly with HTML5 main developers, Ian Hervey.

    Individual community developers consist of regular traders that want to contribute to the coin growth at their personal interest. Individual community developers promote and develop HTML5 through social media, personal website and e-commerce stores. These individual developers are the much better promoters as they act as the public relation representatives of the coin which is the most efficient and cost effective way to promote a crypto coin.

Target Segment

    Most cryptocurrencies developers start their projects by targeting at advance users who know a lot about IT related subjects. Targeting at this segment will be easy to gain coin value but it becoming harder when all the attention has already shift to high value coins. The advance users segment is even harder to target as these traders are only care about buying coins at low value and sell high. Thus, HTML5 development need to be focusing on a different segment which has not been explored by as many coins developers and provide a clear purpose for coin holders to spend HTML5.Therefore, suggested target segment on this paper is social media users who do not know much about cryptocurrencies and are slowly adopting the new concept. The current trend on social media is to send crypto tips to friends as a reward to liking or commenting post. Having 3rd party tipping bot like WhitePumaBot allows Facebook or Twitters clients to learn about cryptocurrency much faster and provide a clear purpose to spend the coin.

 Alternative Solution

    Now that we have narrowed our target segment down to social media users, we need to identify the alternative approach to implement HTML5 marketing plan. We will go through two suggested alternatives which are implementing tipping campaign through social media and recruiting community developers through social media bounties offer. We will also go through the advantage and disadvantage of each alternative.

    The first alternative for HTML5 marketing plan is implementing promotion on social media tipping through 3rd party tipping companies like WhitePuma . The tipping promotion can be spread quickly with an idea of rewarding friends HTML5 coins for viewing posts. The learning process for crypto tipping is much shorter than downloading and setting up computer wallets as it only require the clients to approve the 3rd party apps to connect to the social media accounts. Third party apps have already came preloaded with HTML5 wallet on the users` web page. Thus the wallets and the social media accounts are connected. However, this method does prompts some risks as HTML5 is opening itself to more competition because most of the 3rd party tipping apps are loaded with multiple cryptocurrencies. Thus, the chances of new HTML5 users switching to another coins are very likely if these coins are more stand out. Social media tipping promotion using third party apps can also be confusing to new users as they may not know that we are promoting HTML5 or the tipping apps.

    Recruiting more individual community developers through social media is another alternative solution. Individual community developers can be very helpful as they are the perfect public relation ambassadors for HTML5. These community developers can also help spread HTML5 awareness around the world as social media do not have any geographical limit. Independent developers can focus on a much smaller group at a time and deliver more impact. For instance, cryptoinfo is one of the many independent developers which provide detail HTML5 tutorial to Canadian crypto users. The independent developers also help segment out basic tutorial for non-technical clients who know nothing about cryptocurrencies and advance tutorial for extreme users who want to develop their own websites, e-commerce stores, and auto tipping blogs. 

    After the alternatives analysis, we have identified social media tipping as a best alternative solution. Social media tipping with HTML5 can be made easily available to more new users in a much shorter time frame with a much lower risk compare to the other alternatives. Targeting at social media segment can help improve coin awareness significantly because it provide a clear purpose for people to spend the coin whether from rewarding good posts or sending money to friend with ease through Facebook or Twitter. Tipping through social media could also be a great marketing tool for artist, self-employers, and contractors as they can pay viewers for liking more of their contents in a few mouse clicks. The tipping procedures are very easy to learn which is perfect to target at non-technical users.

 Implementation Plan

    To bring this solution to live we will need to create an implementation plan which consist of Setting up objective, choosing the budget decision and evaluating promotion result. Each of these steps will help us lay out the detail of how our marketing plan should be implemented and evaluated.

    Informative and reminder advertising are the two tools that we will use in setting up advertising objectives. We will inform all HTML5 users to start using WhitePuma to be our third party tipping apps on social media as a primary tipping platform for HTML5 coins. Provide a high reward system to independent developers to create tutorial on tipping HTML5 with WhitePuma. We will also need to create more funding on developing a dedicated tipping app for HTML5 clients to eliminate the need of 3rd party tipping apps in the near future. Furthermore, our reminder advertising will focus on encouraging independent developers to use social media tipping as the main method to promote future projects and recruitment activities. We suggest community developers to narrow all future projects to be social media related.

    Budget of this marketing project will focus on creating a higher reward system or bounty list to encourage more social media users to join. Suggested budget is 1000,000 HTML5 per individual developer who participate in the promotion. Each developers will recruit at least 5 promoters and provide 10,000 HTML5 to each of these promoters. For every 10 friends the promoters tipped out at 10 percent of total coin received, they will receive another 10,000 H5. The promoters are also recommended to follow the same path to reward more friends below with a lower amount such as 50 HTML5 each friend. Cryptoinfo, for instance, has already done that on Twitter with 100 HTML5 give away to each new follower, 1000 HTML5 for each Retweet, and 10,000 HTML5 for each new promoters who join the promotion. This promotion budget is designed to create higher impact with a much lower cost because the budget coins will only go in circle and expand to a much larger community in a much shorter time. For each 1000,000 HTML5 coin the head developers spent, the estimated amount of new HTML5 users will be as below calculation using Cryptoinfo example.

    1000,000 H5 = 100 promoters (10,000 H5 each promoters)
10,000 H5 from each promoters, assuming each promoters give away 10% of received coin.
Promoters gave away 100 H5 to each friend = (1000/100) * 100(promoters) = 1000 new H5 users
Thus, only by maintaining the circle limiting at the low 10 percent giveaway ratio the expected new HTML5 users is already at 1000 with 1000,000 H5 spent. We have not account in the core promoters who are willing to give away all their H5 received as they want the coin growth further. Thus, spending 1000,000 to recruit 1000 plus new users is a perfect low budget advertising promotion.


    Finally, we will need to have an evaluation process in place to keep track of how much HTML5 is being gave away and how many new users have joined HTML5 coin. We can evaluate the number of new users through total twitter followers per day from each developers or promoters and the total estimated HTML5 gave away. Real expected number can also be evaluated through total users who downloaded digital wallets by counting the total new IP address visited. Android wallet download will be the fastest way to track and evaluate as google market come with download tracking.

    To sum up, this promotion is mainly focus on expanding HTML5 awareness and may have skipped a few important factors that contribute to the coin growth. Recruiting high skill developers, mass funding promotion for new website, new wallets for multiple platforms and HTML5 tipping apps are the few other promotions that HTML5 community is aiming at. With the current growth rate, we are aiming at completing all the suggested promotion above within the next 2 years.

Updates (November 10, 2014): Cryptsy LTC Market, China Expansion, & Celebration!

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Updates (November 10, 2014): Cryptsy LTC Market, China Expansion, & Celebration!

  1. We are happy to announce that HTMLCOIN HTML5 is named as the one of the “BEST ALTCOINS AND CRYPTOS TO MINE AND INVEST IN FOR HIGH PROFITS,” see:

  1. Cryptsy added us in the LTC Market, creating more trading volume in our currency. We are hopeful that Cryptsy will continue to add us in BTC and USD market in the future. To be added in these markets (BTC & USD) would mean community expansion, see:

Displaying HTMLCOIN in LITECOIN cryptsy.png

  1. We are listed in World Coin Index. It onlys shows that we are making significant progress in the altcoin community, see:

  1. We continue our effort in establishing our “China Market Share” by forging alliance to our Chinese friends and counterpart using social media (QQ: group is 1771376738). (image from Christopher DiSanto)


  1. To celebrate our progress as a community, pls watch this videos: (Charleston) (Gangnam)

6. Why you should start buying HTML5 coin at Bleutrade

By KitCoinH

Hi all,

This is my new post at Altcoin forum. To start with, I want to tell you a bit about my experience at BleuTrade, specifically, the HTML5 community at Bleutrade. When I first started on BleuTrade, the first impression was that most of the traders there are talking about and trading other coin with HTML5. That`s make me wonder why people are so much into HTML5. After one week of being on BleuTrade I found out why:


HTML5 is the fifth coin that can be traded commonly on BleuTrade

alongside with all the other coins like BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin

and BleuTrade share. You actually have a button on top to

quickly trade HTML5 with any of the 90+ coins on BleuTrade.


BleuTrade has a large population of senior HTML5 holders online

almost 24/7 to support new users and push the coin`s further

development. When I first started at BleuTrade, I was given 10,000

HTML5 just as a “hello” (sweet right!)


HTML5 has just finish its swap to X15, and the coin difficulty will increase very quickly,

which make the coin much more valuable within the next few months.

Early adopters with large amount of HTM5 will, for sure, be looking at

big ROI.

. BleuTrade also allows you to own BleuTrade shares which

will give the owners dividend payout every 4 hours. Thus, anyone can

participates in BleuTrade development and growth. The more

Bleutrade shares you own the higher payout you will get every 4


. Last but not least, your dividend payout will increase if

there is more people trading and buying BleuTrade share. So, spread the word about BleuTrade and HTML5 and see your money growing everyday.


So far, BleuTrade is one of the most transparent Exchange site that I have ever used.

Start going on to BleuTrade and say hello to the devs through the link here, they will be more than happy to give you some HTML5 for free at BleuTrade.

Update: Building the Chinese Market Share, Highest Volume in XRP Cryptsy Market & More Services.

posted Nov 3, 2014, 8:42 AM by Ian Hervey   [ updated Nov 3, 2014, 9:24 AM ]

Update: Building the Chinese Market Share, Highest Volume in XRP Cryptsy Market & More Services.

  1. Paper Wallet Service - The advantage of paper wallets is that they essentially store your coin on a physical piece of paper, removing it from the digital world and safeguarding it in the physical one. This makes them essentially unreachable for spending until they are brought back online, but it is the most secure way to store coin long term (Cointelegraph, 2014)

  2. HTMLCOIN Highest Volume in Ripple Cryptsy market, see - This show confidence among traders, a good indicator of a strong coin in the market. (November 1, 2014).

Cryptsy volume.png

  1. We got listed at Cryptex - Another addition to our trading market!

  2. Our Facebook Group exploded to 1000 plus membership. This organic growth is vital in our community. Members are the bloodline any community, see

  3. Solo Mining Instruction - We develop an instructiona material, see

  4. Bleutrade.Com - Is the official home of HTMLCOIN!

  5. HTMLCOIN China Campaign - We are building organically our China market share. By embracing big markets like China and attracting new users of digital currency HTML5 Coin will withstand the stiff competition within the cryptocurrency markets. The stakeholders of our community will be handling this effort. Please say hi to our Chinese Team, use Google Translator to communicate, see:

  6. In this coming weeks we will be using MailChamp to manage our increasing membership email communications.

  7. HTMLCOIN was feature in video, showing the most recent development of our community and the team, see:

  8. Last November 1, 2014:  HTMLCOIN is up 51.18 % Increase CONGRATS to the team! 

China Campaign.jpg

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